Who helps me to lose weight? Cockroaches! How I got Rid of Roaches in My Apartments!

German cockroaches (Blatella germanica) in an infested apartment where conditions are unsanitary and food is constantly available --- Image by © Dr. James L. Castner/Visuals Unlimited/Corbis

My kid brought roaches home accidentally from the school, and in three months the infestation became clearly noticeable. I decided not to wait until it gets unbearable and unstoppable, and started taking serious measures right away.

How it all began

The cockroaches were eating my food that I left on the shelf in the kitchen. They helped me to lose weight!))))

What was the worst – pests hided under the floor and in crevices, so killing them required special remedies. The choice of remedies in the nearest home depot wasn’t rich, and I resolved to make a purchase online. There are hundreds of different products in Internet stores, so and it was hard to decide which would be suitable for me. Luckily, I found an article about the most effective roach remedies on getridpests.com. There is a product description and a short instruction about how to use it.

I used special tools to deal with cockroaches

I bought small Combat Roach Baits and Harris Acid Powder. The first remedy worked perfectly in the beginning: I placed baits in bathroom, kitchen cabinets, bedroom and hall (actually, the insects spread all around the house, so I could put the baits anywhere, and they would be attracted). Every bait helped to kill around 10 bugs in 24 hours, which was a great success. Eventually this remedy stopped working. Don’t know why. Probably, the lure didn’t attract the following generations, or they became resistant to it.

To get the pests that hided in crevices, I used Harris Spray: defused it under wooden boards, in places where nests were hidden and other discreet places. The effect was instant, and in 3-4 days the number of roaches considerably decreased, and in three weeks the infestation stopped.

But the article itself: How to Get Rid of Roaches Full Review of Various Remedies.

To make sure the bugs won’t be back, I got rid of dead bodies and feces, filled all crevices and cracks and used spray for discreet places where they could hide. And, of course, asked my kid to check the bag and clothes for the time when the infestation was being stopped in school.